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  • "I was had serious anemia and was tired all the time due to heavy menstrual periods. The UFE procedure helped reduce the bleeding and saved me from  a hysterectomy."

    Sharon K

  • The difference in blood flow from the work you did on my left leg made a HUGE difference! I can't thank you enough. All the other Dr's just said cut the foot off.

    Eric Wright

  • "My leg swelling and pain have gone back to normal after my vein stent procedure. Thanks so much for giving my life back. I can finally wear normal sized clothes instead of those compression stockings!!"


  • Serious thanks to Dr. Saleh and team for the vein ablation procedure, I am feeling less pain and numbness in my legs and I am ready to move forward with my life.


  • "I had pelvic pain and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom multiple times a day due to the large fibroids always pushing on my bladder. I felt the relief of my back pain and bathroom symptoms 3 weeks after the embolization procedure"


  • I take care of people with black toes, non healing wounds and painful legs from arterial circulation issues. I have been referring complicated cases to Dr Saleh for about a year now. Dr Saleh and his team are simply the best. I have seen wounds improving soon after Dr Saleh treated them. His office staffs are also very easy to work with. They understand urgency of the problem, so the staffs are very accommodating to give the earliest appointment. Without a doubt, five stars!!

    Nikki K

  • Dr. Saleh is the best. He treated my pelvic congestion syndrome and I no longer have pelvic pain


  • I am very comfortable with Dr. Saleh and his staff at California Vascular Cente


  • I was told my veins in my chest were to scarred for a dialysis catheter and I have had a catheter in my groin for a year. Dr Saleh was able to open the blockage in my chest and place a catheter in 1 hour!! I am so thankful!!


  • Dr Saleh is a Guardian Angel to our family for the work he has done to save our brother from amputation!!


  • I was told my leg could not be treated and Dr Saleh was able to open the blockage. I am so thankful for his excellent care


  • Dr Saleh did something that no other doctor has done. He treated my blockage from the arms and the leg with balloons where my blockage is finally open!!


  • My right leg ulcer has completely healed and I am finally able to sleep at night. (after a leg angiogram procedure to treat the artery disease which got rid of the pain and then 1 week later, a vein procedure that healed the venous ulcer)


  • Dr. Saleh has the technique, the expertise but most importantly the empathy. I feel very comfortable coming to him and his staff at California Vascular Center

    Donald Davis

  • Thank You, Doctor Saleh, My foot hurt 10/10 and I was unable to sleep due to the pain. Now after the angiogram procedure , I do not feel any pain (after we treated his posterior tibial artery occlusion, all from a small pinhole in the ankle)

    Joseph Sleiman

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