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Vein Treatments

Vein Treatments

Many patients suffer from a variety of venous conditions. These can range from spider veins that have a bad cosmetic result to the extremes of venous ulcers from history of a deep venous thrombosis. 

We will typically see patients with venous disease who may have symptoms of visible veins bothering them, leg swelling and ulcers. There can be hyperpigmentation and thickened skin as well as severe pain and itchiness or an dull aching feeling.

We welcome our patients to see us in consultation and we will do a thorough physical exam with Ultrasound. Patient may need to get a more thorough diagnostic ultrasound of their veins to look for incompetent veins, deep venous thrombosis, venous reflux.

Patients may suffer from deep venous thrombosis and may suffer from post thrombotic syndrome and venous ulcers. These has a huge impact on the patients life, their family and society. We have helped many people with chronic venous ulcers and venous hypertension, lymphedema with a venous component with venogram and angioplasty with some patients needing a stent. We use flouroscopic guidance as well  Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) to treat our patients whether it is an old DVT or May Thurner syndrome.

For patients with incompetent veins and reflux, we will start patients compression therapy and other conservative measures. Sometimes our patients will require additional treatment of incompetent superficial veins with vein ablation such as RF, laser or glue therapy. We also treat patients with  foam sclerotherapy/sclerotherapy injections for spider veins, and reticular veins  that can cause pain, itchiness and aching dull pain.

We also offer our patients the latest treatment with VeinGoph for spider veins. For large varicose veins we also offer stab phlebectomy in the office setting . 

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What sets us apart from other outpatient and vein centers is that we have Comprehensive Xray and Intravascular US technology at all of our centers so we can diagnose and treat the deep veins which can sometimes be ignored and the symptoms may not fully resolve with just treatment of the superficial vein treatment. This is especially important for patients with history of a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) or reflux of the deep system on their ultrasound exam.

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