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Leading Vascular Surgeon Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment Option

19 Aug 2021 Fibroids

Accessing needed medical care can often be more difficult than it should be. At the Vein & Fibroid Treatment Center, we believe strongly that money should not be one of the reasons patients delay or miss out on treatments that can improve their symptoms and quality of life. That’s why we’re joining the ranks of doctors accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option. Patients in need of vein treatments or Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) will now have additional flexibility in how they chose to pay for treatment.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

You may have heard of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin (a more recent addition to the ranks of available cryptocurrencies). These modern forms of payment and exchange are digital currencies secured by cryptography, which prevents them from being counterfeited or double-spent. They’ve become popular because they allow for secure payments online that can be transferred directly between two parties, without needing a bank or credit card company to mediate the transaction.

Why Cryptocurrency for Medical Transactions?

For the Vein & Fibroid Treatment Center, the primary reason we now accept cryptocurrency is choice. We want our patients to be able to move forward with their treatment without any delays related to finance. Allowing them to use the cryptocurrency assets they already own to complete transactions with our office is one way to do that.

For those who are concerned with their privacy, a feature to note is that using cryptocurrency to pay takes the transaction out of the hands of third parties like credit card companies, which also keeps a patient’s medical information out of their records. Also, for patients who are seeking care outside of their home country, the distributed nature of cryptocurrency allows it to be used internationally without having to exchange currency from one national standard to another, which can carry hefty fees.

Giving Patients Options

The care we deliver every day is about giving our patients choices in how they address their vascular care or problems with uterine fibroids. Our minimally invasive treatment options can help patients avoid surgeries, with the associated risks and costs, getting them back on the road to health with in-office procedures that have them back home the same day. We offer second opinions for patients who’ve been told by other providers that they need costly, complex procedures, and when appropriate, present less drastic options for treatment to accomplish the reduction in symptoms and improvement of health desired.

For example, women suffering from pain or excessive bleeding from uterine fibroids are often prescribed a hysterectomy to correct the problem. While this surgery certainly does accomplish that, it also removes a woman’s ability to conceive children, as well as requiring general anesthesia, a multi-day hospital stay, and a lengthy recovery period. A comprehensive examination at the Vein & Fibroid Treatment Center can help determine if Uterine Fibroid Embolization, a nonsurgical treatment that shrinks fibroids by removing their blood supply, is a viable alternative. For women who’ve hesitated to seek help for their symptoms, fearing they would have no choices, hearing they have an alternative can be welcome news indeed.

In other cases, our treatments can help patients avoid dangerous complications caused by vein problems. In patients with peripheral artery disease leading to nonhealing wounds in their extremities, we’ve been able to open arteries with balloons and stents to improve blood flow. The resulting healing helped avoid amputation, along with the associated surgical risks and costs.

Embracing Innovation

Many of the treatment options we employ that allow our patients to avoid invasive surgery are newer techniques and technologies. Dr. Saleh constantly seeks out the latest to better serve his patients, and that attitude extends to all aspects of our practice. Adding cryptocurrency to available payment options is just the latest example of our philosophy of patient service. If you would like to find out more about the treatments available at the Vein & Fibroid Treatment Center, or if you would like more information on our new payment option, contact us here.

Leading Vascular Surgeon Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment Option
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Leading Vascular Surgeon Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment Option
From offering the latest in vein treatments to providing the most minimally invasive treatment to uterine fibroids, the Vein & Fibroid Treatment Center is continually at the forefront of technology. That is why we are now accepting cryptocurrency at our Inland Empire office. Contact us if you would like more information on our new payment option.
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